Looking to expand? To grow your business? Are you looking for a tech company that can get your business boosted with premium quality services? Then, Vibetech is that company, serving you with nothing but the best. Dream it!! Let's build it! Vibetech not only offers the best offers when it comes to Mobile and Web App Development but also helps guide you on the best path for branding your business.



At VibeTech, we take Project Management & Execution very seriously with the right amount. So before work begins on any web project, discussions and measures are put in motion to make sure all parties walk away happy and still having a lasting relationship.


Are you looking for time-conscious management and execution of your mobile application project?
Look no further because Vibetech offers you the above and many others.

End-to-End IT Security Compliance

Cloud Infrastructural Security has become paramount in this day and age. Vibetech offers end-to-end security scans on web and mobile applications providing detailed analysis and reports on all scans performed at the request of our clients.

Our Story

Vibetech is software engineering-based. The modus operandi for Vibetech is competency, attention to detail, on-time delivery and satisfaction. Vibetech has successfully completed and maintains a number of projects, among which are Payment systems on Web and Mobile platforms that can be used for remittances, transfer of money from mobile money to bank, from bank to mobile money, from wallet to wallet (different networks), USSD platform for buying and ordering food from selected restaurants, Websites, Blogs, WhatsApp ChatBots for making payments and other services, Ride-Hailing platform as well as a platform for Booking and Reservation of buses for tours within Ghana.

The combined experience of the team has contributed greatly to the achievements of Vibetech as a rising Software Engineering Company. The individual projects together with the satisfied client base have earned Vibetech the reputation it now has and is still creating room for Vibetech in the Software engineering business.



WHY CHOOSE VIBETECH? Vibetech is committed to delivering the best content online. We are not only concerned with building you the right image for your business and online ventures but are also dedicated to giving you a life-long service that assures you of constant monitoring and maintenance. For Vibetech, it is more than a business, it is partnership and building lasting relationships where each party/parties involved benefit from this giving relationship.


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Our Team

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Feel free to get in touch with us or visit us at Teshie Nungua Estates Baussina Lane BLK 9 and our postal address is P.O BOX DT 1161, Adenta